Rocco wet food and snacks are pure meaty enjoyment for your dog

For more than 10 years Rocco has been providing your dog with a wide choice of perfectly balanced, deliciously meaty meals. This brand has something to suit every taste and every need: Rocco Junior for young dogs, Rocco Senior for older dogs, Rocco Sensitive for dogs with sensitive tums, Rocco Real Hearts for the connoisseur amongst dogs, Rocco Menu for dogs that enjoy a meat & veg meal and Rocco Classic for dogs that enjoy lots of meat. Rocco Limited Editions such as the seasonal menus or World Tour add variety and interest to your dog's daily menu. No matter which Rocco food your dog loves best, you can depend on one thing: this wet food is always made with a high proportion of pure meat and offal, combined with 100% fresh ingredients.

Rocco is the meat meal of choice for thousands of dogs. Each recipe contains 100% fresh ingredients and a high percentage of pure meat and offal. The ingredients are carefully prepared to retain the natural meaty taste and texture, making this top-quality food a true delight for your dog. Rocco dog snacks are perfect for all sorts of occasions, whether for training purposes or simply as a reward or treat between meals, there is plenty to choose from: tasty chews for long-lasting chewy fun, dried all-natural snacks, sticks, cubes, ribs and delicious fillets. Your dog will be spoiled for choice!

Discover tasty meals in our shop

Discover tasty meals in our shop



Rocco wet food and snacks are pure meaty enjoyment for your dog


The idea behind the Rocco brand is a dog food that is appropriate for the carnivorous dog. In other words, recipes with lots of fresh meat, but free from nasty additives. This remains the guiding principal and 10 years later Rocco is a very popular, favourite meal for many dogs.

Rocco dog food is still made with 100% fresh ingredients and a very high percentage of pure meat and offal. The ingredients are gently processed to retain the vital nutrients as well as the hearty, meaty taste and chunky texture. This top-quality food is a real delight for your dog.


The core principles behind the Rocco brand make sure your dog enjoys the best:

  • Made with 100% fresh ingredients, no formed meat
  • No low-grade animal by-products or plant protein fillers such as soya
  • No artificial additives such as colour, aroma or attractants
  • Gently prepared at a low temperature to retain vital nutrients as well as the natural, meaty taste and texture
  • Well accepted
  • Made in Germany

Rocco wet dog food provides your pet with a wholesome diet because it is made using only 100% natural ingredients including. Your dog will love the hearty chunkiness of Rocco Classic, a tasty, complete wet dog food. And for dogs with delicate digestions there is Rocco Sensitive, a delicious, meaty meal made with carefully selected sources of protein and carbohydrate.

There is also Rocco Diet Care, a range of tasty, meat-based wet foods formulated to meet specific nutritional needs if your dog is overweight or suffers from allergies or gastrointestinal issuesIn addition, Rocco offers high quality dog treats with a high meat content as well as natural chews.

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